India Cruse-Griffin Art
Bold color, shapes, patterns, tell the stories of, love, pride, visual culture, and the spirit of ​FAMILY.
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Mixed Media Collage Artist

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Cruse Griffin Art

Textured compositions, Quilt like patterns, Tender and truthful

Original Art for the Home, Business, and Corporations

Cruse Griffin Art, It is our commitment to community and honesty in our hearts that brings the message of Family into the soul of the viewers. What I bring is our personal understanding of growing up, as African-American, in a Multi-Cultural small mid-western community. Our family’s closeness is and has always been the spirit that drives our personal creativity. It is our wish to bring the outstanding quality of art to our patrons and express the true culture of our community.
“Life forces me to be honest with myself, practice my Christian beliefs, to find and express that unique balance of my creativity of who I am and who I intend to be”
    India Cruse- Griffin Artist/ Owner