India Cruse Griffin
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These are the days…

These are the days that you will remember… It seems hard now to believe but face it, these will be the days that we will hold dear and cherish. The days we held our family close in the midst of uncertainty. I found love like never before for my family and friends near and far, […]

Spiritual Connections

In my opinion, all that we experience in life and all that we prepare for is and has always been right there in front of us, in plain sight, from the day we are born. Soulful connection is one of those experiences in life that we all can relate too. We come to it naturally from […]

The Love we Breathe

The Love we Breathe has been one of my favorite exhibitions of all time. It brings me back to my beginnings as a young artist. Full of life, bright colors, and family memories. Read the article enjoy the exhibition and let me know what you think. Be well my friends ! ​